Pure illusion

As the snow was falling upon the graves,the light in her eyes was slowly fading.She could feel the love no more.There was nothing to believe in anymore,there was no hope for a better dawn anymore.The belief in the purity of this white and frozen snow was torn apart by the cruel reality.This purity was stained with lies,with tears and with the warm blood dripping from her self-caused wounds.

Once,her faith was true,so was her innocence.But when the reality struck right into her heart,heart of an innocent child,her world built upon inoffensive lies crashed on her.The ruins were now covered with snow,but she didn’t care anymore.She didn’t believe anymore in its beauty and purity.She had already tasted from the cursed reality.She understood that the  apparent beauty of snow(in fact,of everything she knew)was just an illusion,a coverage,used to hide the truth.

Knowing that all she believed in was just an illusion,all that she put her hopes in was a lie,there was just one difference between dying in that moment or later:if she died in that cold early morning,she was not forced to endure the life while hiding behind a lie anymore.So,she chose the pathway of decay,hoping for a better world,true purity,not for lethal poisoningwith lies and illusions


(I know it’s August,but i really felt the need to post it)



Grey tombstones are rising beneath the frozen,cloudy sky.Rain is pouring cold on the crosses.The trees lean their empty branches,like they were trying to touch the dead bodies under the ground.

The stench of death is spreading through the graveyard.All these cadavers lying beneath,skeletons,decaying bodies…Once,they were humans.Once they could feel the pain,they could love,they were breathing.

Now,they are just some cold blooded,lifeless bodies,waiting to decay


Watching the dawn rising,for the last time.

Silence caressing my cold soul,

The first light of the dawn touching my frozen heart

I’m still paralysed in my empty thoughts,

Mourning for the world that has lost all its innocence.

Your tears now washing my wounds,

While  your eyes are staring,begging me to stay.

Your purity is stained with my endless sins,

So i have to leave.


Alone we die my angel,but together we will fade away.

We burn,our ashes scattered in the wind,

A rose,stained with our blood,

Will bind us in eternity.


Now leaving,with you in my thoughts,

Farewell my demon that i loved,

In death  we’ll be together,

As we were before

Dark forest





































(Actually,these pics are very good for a Doom Metal album cover 😉 )



Wind of death is blowing cold

On our faces,putting dust into our eyes.

Fire burning at horizon.

It’s your time to fight with hate,

It’s your time to slay.


War is coming,Death is smiling,

Bring your weapon,prepare to die.

Rise your sword,follow our words,

My brave soldier,this is war!


Bloody fields,frozen grounds,

Fire rising to the sky.

Fallen souls of brave,now gone,

Their mutilated corpses

Lying in the battlefield.


Wounded,still fighting the Devil,

Your death was also foretold.

By your sword so many died,

But your blood will stain the ground,

Ending this cruel war





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